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SMS marketing for salons: Ideas and examples

Alia Paavola
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For salon professionals, strong client relationships and personalized communication are critical for success. However, staying in touch with a growing list of clients without losing personalization can be difficult.

SMS marketing for salons makes it easier because it’s convenient and scalable. Text message marketing offers a quick and direct way for beauty professionals to engage with clients, increase appointments, and improve loyalty. 

In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits of SMS marketing for beauty salons, share real-life examples, and walk through how to get started.

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<h2 id="Benefits">8 benefits of text marketing for salons</h2>

SMS is a popular communication tool because of its efficacy. Here are some of the top benefits showing why salons should consider SMS marketing.

  • Easy to use and scale. Text messaging is easy to set up and scale with the right platform. You can manage all text conversations from a singular inbox on a computer. Plus, you don’t need to use your personal phone number, allowing you to set boundaries. Additionally, there no need for extensive training because it’s a familiar channel. This means it’s simple to scale as you add more contacts or staff to manage the system.

  • Texts are opened. The average open rate for a text is 98 percent, which ensures customers see your message. Don’t let important messages sit unopened in crowded email inboxes or hope customers visit your social media pages.

  • Immediate communication. Text messages reach contacts quickly. Most texts are read within five minutes of receipt. This makes SMS a reliable tool for instant communication. Use text messaging to get time-sensitive information to clients with ease.

  • View conversation history. A text conversation can be easily referenced. This is a benefit for both salons and clients. This allows clients to reference critical dates and other information. Plus, viewing past conversations can help salons better personalize texts to each client.
  • Texts are preferred and convenient. Texting is a preferred communication channel across generations. That’s because texts can be answered at convenient times.

  • Boost engagement. Text messages are highly engaging. SMS marketing texts have a higher click-through rate and response rate than email. It’s more engaging because it can be highly personalized and is directly sent to a person’s mobile device. SMS messages are engaging because they can be highly targeted and personalized.
  • Cost-effective. SMS marketing is a cost-effective marketing channel. While the cost varies by SMS platform, each text message costs just over one penny. A local paper ad, direct mail, and Google ads cost more per click.

  • Conversational. Texting with an SMS platform is great for quick, conversational messages. This helps you boost two-way communication with clients outside of your salon. 

<h2 id="Ways">7 ways salons can use SMS marketing for business growth</h2>

Salon text messaging is versatile and can help salons overcome challenges. Here are a few SMS ideas for your salon to help fill chairs and improve client communication.

Client acquisition and marketing

There’s fierce competition in the salon industry. With so many options, it can be challenging for hair salons to attract new clients. Depending on your location, traditional marketing tools like local search ads and direct mail can cost thousands of dollars. That’s where a budget-friendly option like SMS marketing comes in handy.

Text messaging is versatile, so you can use it as a way to connect with existing customers as well as new clients. Here are some SMS marketing ideas to help salons with client acquisition:

  • Promote special offers
  • Run a flash sale
  • Incentivize signing up for SMS by offering discounts on bookings 
  • Introduce referral programs 
  • Share new services and offerings

Need more inspiration? Check out these 21 SMS marketing campaign ideas.

Client retention

In any industry, especially personal beauty, customer retention is key to business growth. Repeat clients provide your salon with a constant revenue flow. Plus, positive word-of-mouth referrals from loyal clients can go a long way in helping your beauty business grow.

When it comes to retention, client satisfaction matters. To be satisfied, customers must love the service and the full experience. This full experience includes personalized communication, ease of booking an appointment, and pricing.

SMS can equip salons with a convenient communication tool to help improve this full experience. Stylists can use SMS to:

  • Smooth the appointment booking process
  • Remind clients about an upcoming appointment
  • Share loyalty offers
  • Encourage past customers to book again
  • Share birthday or holiday messages

Cut no-shows and fill open appointments

Missed appointments are a financial headache for salons. In fact, hair salon professionals can lose up to $5,000 in income each year. Use SMS to cut down on no-shows and fill last-minute openings.

The top reason for no-shows is forgetfulness. Don’t let your clients miss appointments because they forgot; instead, use a text message reminder or appointment confirmation text. In this reminder, you can share your no-show or cancellation policies.

Additionally, your salon can send out a text message to fill an appointment that was recently opened. Use SMS to send a last-minute availability blast to optimize your appointment schedule. 

Simplify booking

The reality is customers want easy and convenient ways to book an appointment. They don’t want to make a phone call, send an email, or fill out a lengthy form. As a result of these changing client preferences, more salons are turning to SMS to help book appointments.

A best practice is to offer multiple ways for clients to book appointments, including letting customers text your business.

Customer feedback and online reviews

Salons need online reviews to attract more business. This public-facing customer feedback helps salons boost their reputation, search performance, and revenue. Research suggests that 64 percent of customers read Google reviews before selecting a business.

Although many companies know gaining these reviews is critical, they can be challenging to obtain. That’s where SMS can help.

Text messaging is a great way to ask for online reviews and customer feedback. Simply text your loyal customers asking to leave a review with a direct link to your review page.

Client engagement

Although many stylists do a wonderful job engaging clients in the salon, it’s harder to keep in touch once they walk out the door. That’s why many salon professionals use text messaging. Use SMS to share:

  • Educational content like hair care tips
  • Hair style and color trends
  • Important salon news
  • Hair product suggestions
  • A happy birthday message

Stand out from the competition

It’s important to differentiate your salon from competitors. Many salons do this by leveraging social media, building a robust online presence, and engaging in community events. But, there’s also another way to stand out: SMS marketing.

The SMS marketing landscape is much less crowded than email or social media marketing. You’re more likely to capture a customer’s attention via text than email or a social post. This can help you better stand out from competitors. 

<h2 id="Examples">15 examples of SMS marketing for salons</h2>

Let’s dive into some popular text message use cases for salons. 

Advertise a new service or stylist

Use a text message to inform your clients about a new service or new stylist at your salon. This can help you drum up new business.

A text advertisement example from a salon.

Boost hair product orders

You can use a text message to boost orders of hair care products for clients. This is helpful if you sell your own products or bulk order.

A hair product promotional text example for salons.

Recruit new stylists

Sometimes, chairs open up at salons. Use a text message to recruit a new stylist. 

A recuitment text example for salons

Share exclusive discounts

SMS marketing is a great way to share discounts with customers. You can encourage them to book by a certain date to claim a discount.

An exclusive discount text example from a salon.

Promote an event

Use a text message to promote an event that your salon is running. Whether it’s a happy hour for clients or a hair styling class, make it easy for clients to RSVP with a text invite.

An event promotion text example for salons.

Book appointments

Encourage customers to book appointments via text. You can encourage them to text your business phone number to schedule or send a mass text encouraging them to book.

An appointment booking text example for salons.

Reschedule appointments

Use a text message to reschedule appointments with clients. Using texts can help you quickly change a date and time of an appointment.

A rescheduling SMS example for salons.

Send appointment reminders

One of the best texting use cases is appointment reminders. Use a text message to confirm an appointment cut down on no-shows.

An appointment reminder text example for salons.

Fill last-minute openings

Last-minute cancellations happen, but you don’t have to lose out on revenue. Share a text message blast to your clients to see if anyone wants to take the appointment.

A last-minute opening text message example for salons.

Send heartwarming messages

Use a text message to share heartwarming messages with clients around the holidays.

A heartwarming client text example for salons.

Share beauty tips

Use a text message to share hair care or beauty tips with your engaged customers. This helps keep your salon top-of-mind for clients.

Share time-sensitive news

Text messages are a great way to get important information to clients quickly. Use this to share time-sensitive information like salon hour changes, closures, or weather updates.

A time-sensitive news SMS example for salons.

Solicit online reviews or customer feedback

Online reviews are important for attracting new clients. Encourage existing customers to leave reviews via text message.

A review request text example for salons

Request referrals

Use a text message to request a referral from one of your loyal clients. This can help you book more business.

A referral request text example for salons.

Promote your loyalty program

Use a text message to encourage clients to sign up for any loyalty or rewards program your salon offers. This can improve participation in the program and encourage repeat business.

A loyalty program offer text example for salons.

<h2 id="How">How to get started with salon text message marketing</h2>

Your hair salon and spa can get started with text message marketing in just five steps. Let’s learn about them.

1. Create an SMS marketing strategy. Get your SMS marketing strategy in place. This means determining your texting use cases, goals, and audience.

Are you seeking more details on creating your SMS marketing strategy? Get Textline’s 12-step guide.

A visual showing an SMS marketing strategy guide

2. Pick your SMS platform. Next, you’ll need to pick an SMS marketing software provider. To help your salon choose, decide what features, pricing structure, and integrations you need. You should also look at online reviews and the level of support offered. SMS platforms like Textline make it easy to manage salon text messaging in one centralized inbox. You can use the platform from your computer to schedule texts, converse with clients, and automate workflows.

3. Build your SMS contact list. You now need to build your list of contacts, also called SMS subscribers. Before texting any contact, you must get explicit opt-in from them. This opt-in is required by law.

4. Craft your messages. Finally, it’s time to create your text messages. You can create a mass texting campaign or just two-way text with clients.

5. Send texts. Now, your salon is ready to send your texts! You can measure results and optimize your content and SMS strategy from here.

Improve and scale salon communication with Textline

Text messaging is a powerful communication channel for beauty professionals. It gives salons a direct, convenient, and scalable way to communicate with their clients. Start your SMS marketing journey today to boost bookings, enhance communication, and drive salon growth.

If you’re looking for a salon SMS platform, try Textline. It’s packed with features to help your salon thrive, including mass messaging and automated reminders. Plus, you don’t need to use your personal phone number and can manage all client text messages from a simple-to-use dashboard. You can access the SMS software from a computer, tablet, or phone. 

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