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What are text keywords?

In SMS marketing, a text keyword is a specific word or phrase that consumers send to a business phone number or shortcode. Customers text this code to opt into text marketing messages, sign up for contests, confirm appointments, or request information from a business or organization. For example, an ecommerce brand might encourage customers to text the keyword ‘VIPCLUB’ to join their rewards program, while a support desk may set up a keyword like SUPPORT to be connected to a live representative.

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Benefits of using SMS keywords

Easy and compliant opt-in

SMS keywords give customers a quick and simple way to opt into your texting campaigns. Keywords also help businesses comply with opt in requirements.


When using different keywords, you can easily segment subscribers for more targeted messaging.

Boost engagement 

Using keywords encourages customers to interact with your brand by texting you first.


You can promote text keywords in stores or online via ads, your website, and social media platforms. This makes it a flexible tool for text message marketing.

Ways to use Textline’s text keyword service

Businesses can simplify communication and boost SMS subscribers using our keyword automation. Here are a few examples of what businesses can do:


Use text keywords to remind customers to renew their membership or contract by replying to a mass text with the word ‘RENEW.’

Customer support

Keywords can be an integral part of customer support texting. You can set up an easy to remember keyword like ‘SUPPORT’ or ‘HELP’ that when texted in connects customers to your support team. 

Event registration

Run an advertisement that encourages people to text a keyword like ‘RSVP’ to your phone number to register for an upcoming event, workshop, or webinar.

Double opt-ins

You can encourage customers to text a keyword into your business phone number like SUBSCRIBE to join your SMS marketing list. After they text in, you could have another message trigger that asks them to reply YES to confirm their opt-in choice. This ensures you’re collecting proper opt-in under the TCPA.

Product launches

Ask customers to text an SMS keyword like ‘RELEASES’ to learn about new products. This can be an effective ecommerce SMS marketing tactic. 

Surveys and polls

If you’re looking to get customer feedback by running text surveys, keywords can be an excellent way to get customers to participate. Ask customers to text the word SURVEY to your phone number to start.

Emergency alerts

Set up a keyword to prompt customers or members to join an emergency text alert system. 

Appointment reminders and confirmations

Keywords can be used to decrease appointment no shows. For example, a dentist could encourage patients to reply to a dental appointment reminder with the keyword ‘CONFIRM’. 

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What industries use SMS keywords

Any industry wanting to grow its text subscriber list or streamline support can benefit from SMS keywords. Let’s take a look at some examples from different industries:

Marketing agencies

<span class="chat-bubble"><span class="chat-bubble__text"> Text ‘JOIN’ to 77777 to join Sam’s Club’s text marketing program. You’ll score exclusive deals! </span>

Salons and spas

<span class="chat-bubble"><span class="chat-bubble__text"> Get 15% off your next service when you book today. Text BOOK to 312-888-1234 to schedule an appointment.</span>

Home services

<span class="chat-bubble"><span class="chat-bubble__text"> Text QUOTE to 888-777-1234 to get a personalized pricing quote for your plumbing needs.</span>

Car dealerships

<span class="chat-bubble"><span class="chat-bubble__text"> Sign up to test drive our all new Subaru Crosstrek by texting ‘TEST’ to 88877.</span>

Real estate

<span class="chat-bubble"><span class="chat-bubble__text"> Text HOUSES to 712-888-7274 to get a list of open houses in your area!</span>

Higher education

<span class="chat-bubble"><span class="chat-bubble__text"> Sign up to get important campus updates by texting UW to 12345.</span>

Fitness and gyms

<span class="chat-bubble"><span class="chat-bubble__text"> Hot YOGA is coming to Fit Athletic. Text INFO to 12345 to learn more and get the class schedule.</span>

Pet care

<span class="chat-bubble"><span class="chat-bubble__text"> You have an appointment at City Dog on Oct. 17 at 12pm. Reply CONFIRM to confirm your appointment.</span>


<span class="chat-bubble"><span class="chat-bubble__text"> We’re looking for a skilled SaaS Marketing Manager. Interested and qualified? Text BEGIN to 444-999-1234 to get the job description.</span>

Religious institutions

<span class="chat-bubble"><span class="chat-bubble__text"> Attention members. Sign up for important text updates from All Saints by texting ‘JOIN’ to 800-500-1234.</span>


<span class="chat-bubble"><span class="chat-bubble__text"> Text MENU to 619-777-8000 to get an exclusive first look at our fall dishes.</span>

Retail and ecommerce

<span class="chat-bubble"><span class="chat-bubble__text"> Get a 20% off coupon by texting ‘SALE’ to 12345.</span>

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Text keywords and SMS compliance

Textline’s business texting platform is an industry leader in SMS compliance. Our text keyword feature aligns with industry compliance standards and regulations. We also have extensive SMS compliance resources to ensure you’re not breaking the rules. 

<span class="text-center">Text keyword frequently asked questions</span>

How do I start an SMS keyword campaign on Textline?

Textline allows customers to set up automated messages in response to text keywords. Here's how to do that:

Step 1. Sign up with Textline and register your number

The first step is to create your Textline account and register that phone number. The registration process was put in place so carriers can reduce SPAM, validate your businesses, and ensure your use case is supported.

Step 2. Create an automation

The next step is to set up automation in Textline. You’ll use a send message automation. This sets up a message to trigger when customer texts in your keyword.

Step 3. Choose your keyword

After setting up your account, choose your desired text keyword. Try to choose a keyword that’s memorable and relevant to the use case.

Step 4. Preview your SMS keyword automation

You can preview your send message automation to make sure it's working properly. Once you’re happy with the result, you’ll be ready to launch your SMS keyword campaign. You can also test the automation by sending the keyword to your phone number. 

Can I use multiple keywords for one campaign?

On Textline, you can create multiple automations if you’re looking to set up different keywords.

Can I change my keyword once it's set?

On Textline, if you have the proper account permissions, you can edit automations. This enables you to change the keyword that triggers a message to send. 

How do I choose an effective keyword?

The best keywords are simple, easy to remember, and relevant. It’s more effective to use just one word rather than multiple words or a series of random letters to make it easier to remember. Additionally, use a keyword that makes sense for your campaign. For example, a keyword like ‘JOIN’ makes sense for an opt-in campaign. 

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Textline integrates with tools used by marketing and success teams. Textline integrates with CRM platforms like HubSpot and Salesforce as well as help desk software like Freshdesk and Help Scout. Adding these integrations can help your team work smarter.

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