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Connect Textline to hundreds of healthcare tools without code.

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Keragon is a HIPAA-compliant healthcare automation platform that enables providers to connect disparate tools in just a few clicks. Using Keragon, healthcare organizations can connect Textline to EHRs, appointment-scheduling software, CRM platforms, and other popular third-party apps without the need for code or developers. Seamlessly build automated workflows that enhance patient communication and save your team time.
Integrate Textline with popular healthcare tools using Keragon.

Why should you connect Textline to apps using Keragon?

Keragon built this integration so providers can seamlessly connect Textline’s HIPAA-compliant SMS platform to their healthcare tools. With Keragon, providers can link Textline to 300+ popular healthcare tools and build automated workflows.

Let’s look at some of the other top benefits:

  • Connect Textline to your other healthcare apps in a HIPAA-compliant manner
  • Sync data between platforms to ensure up-to-date records and communication
  • Automate text communications to enhance patient engagement, scale patient communication, and save your team time
  • Improve internal communication between teammates with SMS and Whispers
  • Improve healthcare delivery efficiencies with timely updates and automations
  • Create custom automated communication workflows that fit your healthcare organization’s needs

What actions can providers automate with the Textline-Keragon integration?

Once connected, the Textline-Keragon integration allows you to execute several actions. This means you can automatically:

  • Send a text message to patients or staff
  • Request opt-in for HIPAA SMS compliance
  • Retrieve available information for an organization
  • Set the consent status of a contact

How to connect Textline to other apps with Keragon

  1. Sign into or sign up for a Textline account
  2. Create a Keragon account. You can get started for free 
  3. Find the healthcare tool(s) you want to connect to Textline in Keragon
  4. Connect the platforms within Keragon
  5. Build your custom automated workflows

Connect Textline to hundreds of apps with Keragon

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