Textline for Gorgias

See your Textline messages and conversation history without ever leaving Gorgias.

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Make customer support easier by syncing your ticketing system with our business texting software. Respond instantly to customer support issues, and quickly view conversation records with the Gorgias SMS integration.
Screenshot of how Textline messages appear in Gorgias.
How Textline messages appear in Gorgias.

Stop switching tabs

You no longer have to toggle between different platforms when you need to text customers. Our text integration creates customer tickets in Gorgias to match your Textline conversations. All text conversations are automatically logged on tickets. You can also use Textline’s Google Chrome extension to send, receive, and manage all conversations without leaving the Gorgias window.

Since we're still using the Textline platform, we're still interacting with our customers as we typically have. Which we love. Textline allows us to have a more conversational communication with our customers and really makes us seem a little more human - which is what we want!

— Zoe Rotberg, Customer Success Team Manager, Uqora

How to install

  1. Sign in or sign up for a Textline account. (You must have administrator permissions in both Textline and Gorgias to set up the integration).
  2. In Textline, visit Settings > Tools & Integrations and click the Gorgias logo.
  3. Enter your Gorgias subdomain, your email, and your Gorgias API key to connect. (To get your Gorgias API key, you will need to login to your Gorgias account and head to Settings -> You -> Rest API.  The API key will be under a box labeled Password (API Key).  Copy the API key and paste it into the corresponding box in Textline.)
  4. Once connected, you can configure how tickets in Gorgias are handled by Textline to best serve your team.

Use all of Textline’s Features with Gorgias

  • Shortcuts — Store templates for frequently used messages.
  • Transfer — Transfer the ownership of conversations, similar to reassigning a ticket.
  • Notifications — Receive desktop, email, and mobile alerts.
  • Automations — Use automated greetings and away messages.
  • Whispers — Leave private notes for internal team discussions.
  • Metrics — Understand customer interactions and monitor team performance.
  • MMS — Send and receive photos, videos, and attachments.
  • Address Book — Gorgias contacts are saved in Textline after a conversation.

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