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Logos are like conversations

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We're excited to announce a new logo for Textline. Like most corporate marks, the reasons for the changes are numerous. We're happy to share a few of those reasons with you. 

We changed the logo because we wanted an identity that would scale with us in the coming years. Textline needs a mark that is contemporary but also boasts the longevity of a classic logotype. We've ditched the outlined chat bubble for a logo that has more weight and presence to it. This weight allows it to change sizes from very small to gigantic without much effort. The filled in "T" is also more legible, holds color well, can be inverted, and has the benefit of being able to stand on its own. There are many other designerly reasons that the new mark works well for Textline, but those are reasons you'd hear about for most any logo update. The main reason for changing our logo was to represent Textline more comprehensively. 

Textline is software for business text messaging. Another way of saying that is, Textline makes conversations happen. We make these conversations happen by giving companies the opportunity to connect with their customers through the more immediate and conversational medium of texting. We wanted a logo that could represent the company name and also reflect the company's inclination toward conversation. This is a challenging goal because we want to avoid a complex solution.  After all, logos are like conversations; They should be subtle, elegant, distinguished, and approachable. 

In the new Textline logo, most people will see the representation of the name in the "T" instantly, but there is more to it than that. Like a good conversation, this merger of ideas has some mystery and subtlety to it, and when you see the chat bubble gently carved from the dense T, you can't unsee it. The result is a mark that represents the name with a "T" and conversations with a chat bubble. It is memorable and lasting. Over the next few months, we will release other aspects of the identity. The new colors, typography, and grids will find their way into our social presence, websites, and applications. We're looking forward to our future of exciting changes and good conversations. If you are like us, and conversations matter to your business, feel free to text us at +1 (415) 849-4349 to find out how Textline can help connect you with your customers.

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