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Businesses across the globe love Textline’s SMS and MMS platform. See how they use it and why they trust it.

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What are SMS and MMS messaging?

SMS stands for short message service. It’s more commonly known as a text message. These are 160-character messages sent to cell phones. 

MMS stands for multimedia messaging service. It allows people to send text attachments like photos, videos, links, audio clips, etc. These are 1,600-character messages sent to mobile devices.

Businesses are adding SMS and MMS as communication tools for marketing, support, internal communication, and more.

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Benefits of SMS and MMS for business

Ensure contacts see your message

Texts have a 98 percent open rate, much higher than email at 20 percent. This ensures that intended recipients see your messages.

Communicate quickly

Most text messages are read within five minutes, ensuring you can reach your contacts quickly with timely updates.

Convenient and easy to use

Mobile messaging is the ultimate convenience tool for staff and customers. It allows you to communicate wherever and whenever. People also know how to text, so there’s no additional app to download or learning curve.

It’s scalable

Text messaging is easy to scale as your business grows. It doesn’t require a massive lift from your team. You can manage multiple conversations at once and automate workflows with ease.

Textline’s stand-out features to know

Textline built these core SMS and MMS solutions to help you connect with your contacts individually or at scale.

Mass texting

Instead of sending one message at a time to many contacts, use bulk SMS or MMS to inform at scale.

Group texting

Send a group message and get replies on the same text thread. This lets you keep a group of people updated.

Two-way SMS and MMS

Engage in meaningful back-and-forth conversations with two-way texting.

Scheduled messages

Get your texts to contacts at the right time with scheduled SMS and MMS.

Automated messages

Set up texts to send automatically when certain conditions are met. You can add attachments to your auto-replies.

Text surveys

Use Textline’s pre-built customer satisfaction surveys or create custom SMS surveys to get actionable insights from contacts.

SMS templates

Textline has a feature called Shortcuts, which are pre-written text templates. Cut down on time spent manually typing commonly used messaging. 

Landline texting

Textline can help you text-enable your existing landline phone number so you can use it to text your customers.

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Why choose Textline for SMS and MMS

With out-of-the-box integrations, a robust feature set, and top-notch support, Textline is a go-to business SMS platform. Textline provides companies with the tools to enhance sales, customer service, marketing, and internal team communication. But what else sets Textline apart?


Textline takes pride in its enterprise-grade security. Textline’s SMS platform is the most secure business texting app on the market, and we follow advanced security protocols to protect all data.

Unwavering support

Whether you need help with a quick question, troubleshooting an issue, or onboarding, a Textline support representative is always ready to help. We’ll help you get the support you need quickly and efficiently from day one.

Built for teams

Textline’s simple, multi-user platform helps teams work together to manage texting. With built-in collaboration features like routes, private internal notes, and a universal inbox, Textline helps teams thrive.

Customer-driven innovation

We regularly consider customer feedback when deciding on new integrations, features, and enhancements. We’re committed to innovation and improvements for customers.

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How businesses use Textline’s SMS and MMS solutions

No matter what team you manage, use texting to simplify communication. Here are a few examples of how to use Textline for different business departments.

Customer support
  • Solicit customer feedback
  • Troubleshoot customer issues
  • Answer customer questions
Customer service
  • Relay order updates
  • Send appointment reminders
  • Share payment confirmations
  • Share limited-time discounts
  • Send abandoned cart reminders
  • Alert about product restock
  • Improve scheduling
  • Communicate with field staff
  • Send internal team memos
  • Follow up with leads 
  • Give price quotes
  • Send meeting reminders
Human resources
  • Streamline recruiting
  • Share onboarding details
  • Solicit employee feedback

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SMS and MMS platform frequently asked questions

Should my business use SMS or MMS? 

This will depend on your text outreach goals. SMS is often best for concise messages like appointment reminders, authentication codes, and emergency alerts. On the other hand, MMS is often better for longer messages or when you want to send images, PDFs, or website links. Dive deeper into when to use SMS vs. MMS.

Does it cost more to send MMS?

Yes, it often costs more to send MMS. View Textline’s current messaging costs here

Does Textline support MMS?

Yes! Our platform supports MMS.

Can I use my existing business number on Textline?

Often, yes! We can almost always text-enable your existing business phone number. The setup process will vary based on whether you have a toll-free number, VoIP number, or landline

What apps can I connect to Textline?

Textline integrates with some of the most popular business software, including Salesforce, Talkdesk, Pipedrive, and Shopify. View all integrations

What if Textline doesn’t have the integration I need?

Textline has an SMS API to help businesses connect the apps they use. We also support Webhooks, which can help connect disparate data. 

Integrate SMS + MMS with ease

Improve the power of your SMS and MMS messages by connecting Textline to your favorite tools. Textline integrates with top-notch CRM, ecommerce, help desk, social, and automation platforms to help your team work smarter and improve communication.

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