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Make customers happy with fast and responsive communication. Use Textline with Shopify to deliver the most innovative customer service available.
Screenshot of Shopify orders appearing in Textline.
How Shopify orders appear in Textline.

Connect Shopify and Textline, and view customers’ information from your Textline account. Our Shopify integration allows you to view a customer’s order history within your Textline Address Book and in the contact details sidebar.

A more detailed view of Shopify orders in Textline.
A more detailed view of Shopify orders in Textline.

Textline Features

  • Shortcuts — Create templates for frequently used messages.
  • Transfer — Transfer text conversations between team members.
  • Reminders — Set reminders for tasks such as following up with customers.
  • Notifications — Receive desktop, email, and mobile alerts.
  • Auto Responses — Use automated greetings and away messages.
  • Metrics — Understand customer interactions and monitor team performance.
  • Whispers — Leave private notes for internal team discussions.
  • MMS — Send and receive photos, videos, and attachments.
  • Address Book — Shopify contacts’ order history is saved in Textline.


  1. From Textline, click the Gear icon > Organization Settings > Tools & Integrations
  2. Click Shopify.
  3. Enter your Shopify subdomain, and click Connect.
  4. Once your contacts have synced, the Shopify order history will appear in Textline. You can view it by clicking the Information ("i") icon that opens the Contact Details tray.

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