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Connect Textline to your favorite apps with Zapier

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Zapier is an online automation tool that connects Textline to thousands of other online apps across the web. It's easy to create your own Zaps, which behave like small programs that follow your instructions. 

For example: If you manage a Shopify store, you might create a Zap that watches your Shopify account for new orders, and then tells your Textline account to send a "thank you" message to each buyer after they check out. In this example, your Zap is triggered by new Shopify orders, and then takes the action of sending a message via Textline. You can automate all sorts of tasks by combining triggers and actions with Zapier.

Textline triggers & actions

Textline makes a single trigger available in Zapier called New Contact Message. This trigger gets fired whenever a contact sends a message to your Textline account.

Textline also makes three actions available in Zapier:

1. Send Message: to send a message from your Textline account to a contact.
2. Import Contact Message: to import a message as if a contact sent it to your Textline account.
3. Create/Update Contact: to add or modify an entry in your Textline address book.

Sample Zap ideas

Here are three example Zaps for inspiration:

1. Get notified when someone registers for an event on Eventbrite. Using Eventbrite's New Attendee trigger, you can copy the attendee's contact info to your Textline address book (using our Create/Update Contact action), then send a notification to your Textline account using our Import Contact Message action. The next time someone buys a ticket to your event, you'll receive a text message as if your attendee texted you as soon as they registered for your event. You can send a follow-up thank you message, or broadcast an important announcement to your attendees before the event. (Make sure your Eventbrite event collects cell phone numbers on your order form.)

2. Use an Unbounce pop-up to initiate conversations with customers. If your business uses Unbounce landing pages, your customers can text you right from a form or pop-up. Create a pop-up with a form that collects name, phone number, and a message. Your Zap will be triggered by Unbounce's New Form Submission trigger, and you'll pass the message to Textline using the Import Contact Message action.

3. Post new inbound Textline messages to Yammer. Keep an eye on questions coming from customers. Create a Yammer group called Textline. Then create a Zap using Textline's New Contact Message trigger and Yammer's Create Message action.

Got any great ideas for Zaps to automate your workflow? Email

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